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When she's not writing contemporary romance, Maggie is an actor, improviser, teacher, playwright, wife, and mom. She runs a non-profit arts program by day and writes all night. She's the youngest of six daughters and a lifelong tomboy. Whether writing for page, stage, or screen, she loves to tell stories that are honest and funny, with a bit of drama and more than a dash of spice. 

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Humor Me
(Detroiters In Love Book #1)
Releases March 26

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Imagine a sexy, notoriously romance-dodging, workaholic US Senator finding a seat among the audience of your five-dollar improv show. Even more baffling—this governmental hottie has been secretly entertained for over a year. Well, that's what happens to Jennifer "Pal" Polcoski. And once she locks eyes with Mason Weller, she can't deny her overwhelming insta-crush. With his breathtaking good looks, polished charisma, and power-lunch lifestyle, the Senator is nothing like Pal’s usual slacker boyfriends.

And Pal is nothing like the powerful, decisive go-getter. She's an unconventional and irreverent comedian, sharply contrasting the poised political elite. Despite their differences, he's enchanted by her wit and charm. He wastes no time in pursuing her. And by the end of their first date, he's determined to leave his bachelor days behind.

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Log Cabin

Maisie Carver walks away from her dumpster fire of a marriage with only her ex-husband's uncle's log cabin inn by picturesque Lark Lake. The woodsy getaway just outside of Saugatuck, Michigan, is meant to be the exciting first chapter in her new life. Unfortunately, the lodge is a dilapidated, hot mess. She must rely on her surprisingly hot neighbor Harlan Stahl to help her get the place back in shape. Harlan is woodsy, bookish, uninterested in technology and a breeder of heartbreakingly cute Bassett hounds. Maisie must do her best to accept Harlan's help without letting him take over or falling in love with him.

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A Whole Lotto Love
(Detroiters In Love Book #2)


Maddy Graham would never have met Miles Clark, were it not for winning six hundred eighteen million dollars in the multi-state Super Lotto. She would have avoided the grouchy and impossibly attractive wealth manager if she didn't desperately need his advice in navigating her new fortune and the whole new world it opened up for her. Miles does everything in his power to fight his attraction to his perky, idealistic new client. He's certain, like a lot of lottery winners, she'll end up blowing all of her cash on the convent/senior center where she works in downtown Detroit. Or worse, tech billionaire Dane Fraser will woo her out of her fortune and out of Miles' Life. 

Lark Lake Lodge

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Maggie and Abigail Kelly break down How To Write a Romance Novel in this hilarious episode of the Kingdom of Thirst podcast.

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