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Oh Jesus! The site is live!

It's a very strange thing to be shy when your outward persona is very much the opposite. I've been performing for the entirety of my adult life, most of the time without a script. Like any performer, there's nothing I love more than attention, so long as it's in the right setting/context. This site and this new adventure in romance writing is wholly out of that comfort zone and it fills me with nerves (both of the exciting and terrifying varieties) whenever I think of opening myself up in this new way. But this site went live today, so there's no turning back!

For a few years on this writing journey, whenever someone asked about "that romance book you're writing", I always had a response at the ready to put off a moment like this. "It's going great! Almost done!" turned into "I'm working with an editor. It's a cool process." which became "I'm doing a lot of research on querying agents." and now there are no more excuses to make. I have multiple manuscripts that are finished and in varying stages of ready, so it's time to make it happen. I've got a solid synopsis and I know who I want to query, so it's time to hit send!

While I often boast that I'm old hat at rejection, I know it'll still sting. And I'm willing to embrace the feeling of being the new guy who will make mistakes. I'm tired of allowing fear to keep me from sharing these works that I adore. I intend to share the ups and downs of this journey here on my blog, so please join me in this journey. It should be entertaining and I definitely won't hold back.

So the site is live and the future begins today. Good job, me!

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